Esotouric proudly offers an exclusive collection of historic Downtown LA photographs, a set of nine vintage 11 x 14" prints printed on glossy poster stock from negatives in the 1970s. Suitable for framing, and a fascinating look at the lost city of the early 20th century.

vintage downtown photo set

Included in each set are the following photos: 1) View to Northwest from 6th & Main (circa 1903) 2) Looking Northeast from unidentified vantage (circa 1903) 3)Looking up Main (circa 1903) 4) East Sixth Street (circa 1904) 5) 6th & Main (circa 1904) 6) Fire on Hill Street (10/1/1910) 7) Looking North on Main Street (1903) 8) Corner 6th & Spring (circa 1904) 9) Main Street "time of the 5 cent cigar" (1903) Price below is for postpaid delivery of all nine photos in the United States. If you're elsewhere, please contact us for cost and payment instructions.