You Can't Eat The Sunshine - The Esotouric podcast

Villa Montezuma, Sherman Heights Historic District, San Diego
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Join us this week as we talk with LA Public Library map librarian Glen Creason about the resources the collection can offer the curious urban researcher. Then we dip down to San Diego, for a visit with Louise Torio, board chair of the Friends Of the Villa Montezuma, to learn about an astonishing Victorian mansion, constructed by civic boosters to the specifications of a charismatic spiritualist, which still stands in the Historic Sherman Heights District.

We’ll also discuss the troubling NTSB incident report on the closure of Angels Flight, a Wallace Neff house in danger and an iconic 76 station on the verge of landmarking in Beverly Hills, new life for Tom Bergin’s, and tenant at last in the old Craby Joe’s space at 7th & Main Streets. All this and more as Kim and Richard usher in the week of Oct 14th, 2013

Photo: The Villa Montezuma, Sherman Heights Historic District, San Diego.