You Can't Eat The Sunshine - The Esotouric podcast

The Abbey Fantasy: An Idyl of San Encino's Making. By Clyde Browne. Los Angeles:
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Tune in to Episode Fourteen of the Esotouric podcast as we talk with Jessica Holada, curator for the current Occidental College Library book arts exhibit, Where Bohemians Gathered, about early 20th century literary culture in North East Los Angeles. Then we’ll visit with our dear friend and distinguished thespian, Jerry Taft, about his decades tending bar at the Riviera Country Club and the fascinating friendships he forged while shaking martinis.

All this, plus cultural musings on Barlow Hospital’s too-grand development plan, Echo Park Lake lotus bed putting out leaves, Bishop’s Mansion in West Adams at peril, the city’s seeking clarity on the Skid Row sidewalk ruling, beginning to steward CRA/LA properties, and the possible disqualification of AEG as a candidate to run the Convention Center. Plus thoughts on the upcoming LAVA Literary Salon celebrating Dashiell Hammett, as Kim & Richard usher in the week of April 22nd, 2013.

PHOTO CREDIT The Abbey Fantasy: An Idyl of San Encino’s Making by Clyde Browne. Los Angeles: Abbey Handset Press and Bindery, 1929. Images courtesy of Occidental College Library Special Collections. Photos by Helena de Lemos.