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You Can’t Eat the Sunshine is the podcast of Esotouric, the offbeat Los Angeles company that turns the notion of guided bus tours on its ear. Each week, join Kim Cooper and Richard Schave on their Southern California adventures, as they visit with fascinating characters for wide-ranging interviews that reveal the myths, contradictions, inspirations and passions of the place. There’s never been a city quite like Los Angeles. Tune in if you’d like to find out why.

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Join us this week as we talk with writer Jon Boorstin about his non-fiction novel “Mabel & Me,” which chronicles the adventures of silent screen comedienne Mabel Normand. Next we’ll drop down to Fullerton meet Kevin Carter and hear about his high-concept coffee house Max Bloom’s Cafe Noir. Finally, we’ll motor out San Bernardino way to visit with Kumar Patel, proprietor of the Wig Wam Motel on old Route 66.

We’ll also discuss preservation concerns over developer Tom Gilmore’s announcing plans to start demolition inside the Historic Cultural Monument Farmers & Merchants Bank, how Sony Music and Foster the People gamed LA’s new non-commercial mural program and defaced an historic landmark, plans for the long-vacant Commercial Exchange building to become a Freehand hostel, Occidental College entering into private talks with the city to take over management of Lummis House, and how semi-permanent fencing from the Pershing Square Concert Series is making the park even more inaccessible and unpleasant. All this and more as Kim & Richard usher in the week of July 21st.

Photo: Mabel Normand

Mabel Normand