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You Can’t Eat the Sunshine is the podcast of Esotouric, the offbeat Los Angeles company that turns the notion of guided bus tours on its ear. Each week, join Kim Cooper and Richard Schave on their Southern California adventures, as they visit with fascinating characters for wide-ranging interviews that reveal the myths, contradictions, inspirations and passions of the place. There’s never been a city quite like Los Angeles. Tune in if you’d like to find out why.

Our Theme Song is by The Ukulady

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Join us this week as we talk with Tim Whalen, Director of the Getty Conservation Institute, about the decade of work the Institute and the city’s Office of Historic Resources have spent creating SurveyLA, an online framework for cataloging historic resources across Los Angeles. We’ll also visit with Jon Christensen, editor of Boom Magazine and a partner in Stamen Design’s new Los Angeles office, to talk about about cutting-edge mapping technology, social media, open source data and next few milestones on the road to the Semantic Web.

We’ll also discuss bumps on the road to landmarking A.C. Martin’s Bartlett Residence in Los Feliz, an update on Monrovia’s shuttered National Register Aztec Hotel, opposition in the Arts District to a proposed Metro maintenance yard, blogging the old Pickle Factory, the Cat & Fiddle pub in Hollywood is evicted and CIM Group’s illegal demolition of the Old Spaghetti Factory comes back to haunt them. All this and more as Kim & Richard usher in the week of October 27h, 2014.

Photo: A map of Los Angeles from Stamen Design

A map of Los Angeles County from Stamen Design