Subway TerminalEsotouric was born out of a series of "time travel blogs" that launched in 2005 with the original 1947project.

Our mission statement: "Los Angeles in 1947 was a social powderkeg. War-damaged returning soldiers were threatened by a new kind of independent female, who in turn found her freedoms disappearing as male workers returned to the factories. These conflicts worked themselves out in dark ways. The Black Dahlia is the most famous victim of 1947's sex wars, but hardly the only one. The 1947project seeks to document this pivotal year in L.A., through period reporting and visits to the scenes as they are today."

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The original 1947project (the year 1947)

The new 1947project (the years 1907 & 1927)

On Bunker Hill, a lost neighborhood found

In SRO Land, lost lore of the historic core